How it works

The Process...

How it works!

It starts with a conversation and a good cup of coffee with Jasmin, founder of Story Bird.

Once Jasmin understands your needs, you complete an easy to follow brief and she’ll propose a solution.

You’ll receive an estimate of the work involved, the time it will take and the costs associated.

From there, work begins.

Discounted rates apply with packaged purchases and retainer agreements.

You’ll have clear visibility, with regular check-in’s and full oversight.

Story Bird offers a range of professional writing services, specialising in digital engagement, copywriting and content marketing.

Making sure you’ve got your message right and getting it out there shouldn’t be hard.

Yes, you can expect a personalised service. Story Bird prides itself on delivering a tailored solution to address your communication needs.

Unlike an agency, you won’t have to work with half a dozen people… at Story Bird, you’ll deal directly with one person who’s 100% dedicated to helping, and importantly, understanding you.

Talk to someone who’s listening.

Don’t spend tireless hours going over and over your web copy/annual report/information guide, only to miss the mark.

Take your content marketing and communications seriously and use a professional writer.

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